20 Black women with killer bibliographies

As many of you know, I’m trying to read a couple Zora Neale Hurston books to get deeper into her not-insignificant bibliography. But she’s not alone on the list of black women whose work I wish I could read and analyze full-time. Who wants to fund a PhD program for me to spend 100% of my time on the following 20 names? Advertisements

What am I reading next?

There hasn’t been a Top Ten Tuesday on Brown Books and Green Tea for a while! I figured I’d take the opportunity to let everyone know what’s coming up.

#Diversebookbloggers Feature

Time for another feature here on Brown Books and Green Tea! Remember, we’re here every first and third Tuesday, so check in if you’re interested in discovering some great new bloggers! This week, meet Amber, who is the blogger over at YA Indulgences. Tell us about yourself/your blog, YA Indulgences! Why have you chosen to focus on Young Adult literature? Hi! I’m so happy to be featured this week. I created my blog almost two years ago. I thought about starting a book blog for a couple years, let the idea go, then discovered “BookTube,” where people discuss books on Youtube. Finally,…

Understanding Oppression through Literature: Part 1

In undergrad, I was blessed to attend a college with courses such as Philosophy of Sex and Domination, Native American Philosophy, Refugee Issues,African Diaspora and the World, and The Sociological Imagination. These courses, and readings that accompanied them, were vital in shaping my understanding of oppression and the limitless forms it takes around the world. Here are some of the picks that have stuck with me in the years that have followed. Feel free to add some other ones in the comments. This won’t be the only list like this because I have recommendations for days. Keep an eye out, because I’ll be…

Ten diverse sites you NEED to bookmark

Hey there everyone! It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday, sponsored by The Broke and Bookish. Check out their site for more things like this! This week’s topic allows me to deviate from the norm, and give y’all a sense of what I’m doing when I’m not doing book-related things. Make no mistake: while this is a “diverse” list, each of these are phenomenal sites even without that modifier. In no particular order, here are my top 10 diverse time suckers:

2016 Reading Challenges

I started this book blog in August 2015, and didn’t get a chance to partake in as many book challenges as I’d have liked. This time, I’m giving you some of the challenges that will be inspiring this year’s reading in the hope that they help you, too! I’m not all that intent on crossing off each theme on all of these lists– it’s more about inspiring me to thematically diversify my own reading. Keep an eye on this page, because I may be adding or modifying challenges throughout the year. For example, I’m considering adding a self-motivated “Reading Through…

3 New-ish Releases I Can’t Wait to Read

I have so many freshly-purchased books on my shelf, there’s really just not enough time to get through everything! However, these three new-ish releases are a must for my winter reading. What new books are you excited to get your hands on? 1.) Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person, by Shonda Rhimes I’ll admit that the ‘self-help’ genre isn’t really for me. Most of the time, I consider them preachy, and the remainder of them simply don’t appeal to me. However, as a rabid Scandal fan, and Shonda-stan, I…