Merry Christmas!

Isn’t this the cutest gift ever? My boyfriend bought me a mug with the BB&GT blog name on the side. So thoughtful! He also gave me a teaspoon with ‘BBGT’ engraved on the handle. I’ve never been so clearly out-gifted before. But he seems to like his Jose Andres cookbook well enough. Happy holiday, everyone! Whether or not you consider yourself religious, I hope the day is filled with love, peace and gratitude. I’ll see you on the other side of the holiday– I have a couple great reviews and posts coming your way! Advertisements

BB&GT is on the ‘Gram!

Hi there everyone! *waves* It’s been a while since I’ve posted– largely because I’ve had a bunch personal and professional of stuff on my plate. But there have been definite developments over the last few days, mainly that Brown Books and Green Tea is now on Instagram! I’ve also been looking at bookworm Instagrams and falling in love with so many accounts! Below are some of my favorites so far. Let me know in the comments if you have an account, or if you have recommendations for great accounts I should be following. Make sure to join us for our…


Sincerest of thank yous for visiting Brown Books  Green Tea! Graduate school killed my love of reading, and now I’m reclaiming it. My vision isn’t fully fleshed out, but my hope is that this will be a place where I can document my love for multicultural literature. I also hope that this will be an interactive journey. Read long with me, and keep me abreast of fantastic new (and old) books that I’ve overlooked!