Characters I’d like to see 10 years later


It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday, always hosted by lovely bloggers over at The Broke and Bookish. This week’s subject allows us to think about childhood characters that we’d like an update on further down the line. I’ve changed it up a bit, because I didn’t have too many diverse characters in my childhood. It’s still a bit difficult because I mostly read non-fiction these days, but I was able to think of a few. There were some obvious ones, like Daisy Buchanan (DO YOU EVER BECOME A GOOD PERSON?!), George Weasley (please tell me I won’t be depressed if I look into his future), and Nick & Amy’s baby from Gone Girl.

Here are the ones that really left me wondering:


Bride, from God Help the Child:
At the end of Toni Morrison’s latest novel, there’s a lot still up in the air. Bride’s career was left by the wayside during her epic journey, so readers don’t even know what she has to go back to. I’m especially interested in her relationship with Booker, and whether or not they forge a stable family together.

Hannah, from Everything I Never Told You:
Hannah was the star of this book for me, mostly because no one ever pays her any mind. She’s insightful and knowledgeable– far more than I was at her age. I’ve love to see where she ends up in 10+ years, because she could be the doctor her mother always wanted to be, or she could go the complete opposite direction.

Lauren, from Parable of the Sower:
Finding out what happens to Lauren is really just a matter of picking up the next book, Parable of the Talents. I haven’t had the chance to do so, but I’m interested more in the woman Lauren grows into than I am in the future of Earthseed. She’s so skeptical of parenthood, that I’d also like to see if she ends up a mother.

Epic TJ and Amal Rockies
Isn’t this beautiful?

Amal, from The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal:
I never posted a review, but if you’re interested in webcomics with LGBT leads, I’d give this one a try. After coming out to his parents instead of committing to an arranged marriage, Amal decides to drive cross country with  newfound friend TJ to attend his sister’s graduation. I’m so interested in what happens to Amal afterward. Does he finish school? Do his parents become more accepting?

Mansoor, from The Association of Small Bombs:
There’s only so much I can say about this one without spoiling the ending for the many people who have told me this book is on their TBR lists. I won’t go too far into detail, but just know that there’s so much I wish I could learn about what happens to Mansoor after the ending of the book. Readers get a solid sentence at the end, which gives us a pretty good idea, but there’s so much lost time that I need to fill in order to truly understand this character.

This list could be endless, and I’m sure I’m forgetting numerous characters. Who are the characters you wish you could peek in on 10 years down the line? What about those characters left you so curious about their fates? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. […] Characters I’d like to see 10 years later […]


  2. I didnt read any of these books but now I WANT TO LOL those characters sound so unique ❤ – Trang


  3. Yes! Hannah from Everything I Never Told You! I wanted to s badly to know how that segment of her life affects her later on! I like to think she has a good head on her shoulders.
    When I was younger, and also with my kids, I read Gooney Bird Greene by Lois Lowry. She was a girl who came to town and told fantastic tales to her classmates – all true. She was so eccentric and full of life, I always wondered what became of her.

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  4. I did not love God help the child. Which was sad because I had big hopes for it. It was my first Morrison. I have Beloved too on the shelves, which I have not read.

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    1. It’s definitely not the best of her works by far. Go with Song of Solomon!


      1. Thanks. I have that one too on the shelf

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  5. Gilly from The Great Gilly Hopkins for sure. Does she get to keep in contact with Trotter, W.E., and Mr. Randolf? Also Ursula from Bogeywoman. Does she go to college to become a dreambox mechanic?

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  6. God Help the Child has been sitting on my dresser waiting to be read for a few months now. Glad to hear it’s one you liked. That will have to be I finally get to this summer!


    1. I liked it, but don’t expect to love it as much as her other books. At all.


      1. Oh that’s good to know because Beloved is one of my favorites


  7. I haven’t read any of these yet, but I’ve had my eye on Everything I Never Told You. Hannah being on your list makes it that much more exciting to read.


  8. I’m currently reading Everything I Never Told You, and I can already tell Hannah is going to be a character to watch.


    1. She becomes even more so as we learn more about the family!


  9. NIce list! I haven’t read these books yet, but they definitely look interesting! I’m especially intrigued by The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal. Also, yes I would also like to know more about George Weasley! It could be a whole separate book with him as main character, I would love that!

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    1. I need to know how he copes! I love a George Weasley character study!


    2. Yes! JK Rowling broke my heart in that 7th book. Poor George.

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  10. All of the Garcia girls from “How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents”.

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    1. That’s a REALLY good one

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      1. The book ended so abruptly for me. I NEED a sequel!

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