Jan & Feb Reading Plan

This is partly an answer to Zezee’s New Years Resolution Book Tag, some of which fits into what I’d planned on writing anyway.

The most important part of my reading resolutions for these first few months of 2016 is my reading ban. Unless its for my monthly book club, I can’t buy anything until March 1st. I might even end up missing a book club meeting for a trip to Orlando, so I might not even buy that one. The point is for me to save money and work on my TBR collection.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw this photo:


These books, along with ARC’s that I’ve unwisely stocked up on in the first few days of the year (I’M SORRY) are going to be all the books I’m starting with this year. I’ll be posting a review about March on Sunday, and The Passion of Mademoiselle S sometime after that.Then I’ll actually finish Redefining Realness, which I started (and loved), but got carried away by real life shortly after starting it.

I just finished March yesterday– it was great for me to read, but I’m still trying to figure out the best way to review graphic novels. Interestingly enough, Mademoiselle S was one of the books I’d discussed as one of the 2016 releases I was most excited for. Luckily, I just received it as an ARC, so we’ll see how I feel about it.

The goal is to have most of these books and ARCs finished by March 1, but I know I won’t finish all of them. I’m purposely overambitious to leave room for flexibility. I hate when I plan out my reading list too much, and I end up just not feeling like reading the books I’ve chosen so far in advance.

Are any of these ones you’re particularly curious about? Or are any of them on your own lists?



  1. Michaela M.

    Ooh! I loved Cinder! I’ve read most of the series and I’m planning to read the last book, Winter, soon! The whole series is so good. You’ll fall in love with it!

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  2. *sigh* I feel you on saving money and working on TBR piles. I’m trying not to buy any more books till summer time. I like your book blog by the way!! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for reading! Its great seeing someone else who is familiar with African literature, even though you’re clearly much deeper than I am.

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  3. cforbes15

    What an awesome resolution! I’ve been doing something a little similar. However, I’ve read most of the books on my shelf. I’ve decided that until I can invest in a better and bigger bookshelf, I’m going to check things out from my university’s library.


    1. That’s also a problem for me: My boyfriend and I finally got our own place, and I a) don’t feel like moving all the books from my childhood bedroom; b) can’t afford nearly as big a bookshelf as I’d need, and; c) don’t have the space in our one bedroom matchbox. The library is going to be my sanctuary, too! Good luck!


  4. Balllllllllldwin. I need to read more of his stuff, definitely.

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    1. I actually gifted this same book to my 15 year old brother for Christmas this year. I just wanted to make sure he knew who Baldwin was. I’ll get on track reading him this year!


  5. I am very eager to read Ghana must go. I heard a talk by the author and some of my book crazy friends from Africa said its a great book. But it has to wait. I am currently trying to finish a little from the stack of unread books

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  6. I hate when I plan out my reading list too much, and I end up just not feeling like reading the books I’ve chosen so far in advance.

    Same! I tend to have about 10-20 books lined up, but i always allow those books to be changed if i’m not feeling them. My whimsy is so that just glancing at the shelves and shelve of unread books can get me excited about a dozen others.

    I really, really don’t need to buy any more books… yet i’ve bought 4 this year already. I’m determined to STOP NOW.

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