Where do you get your online bookfix?

Question for the Peanut Gallery!

I’ve been a review reader for a while, but I’m still pretty new to the other aspects of online bookish community. I’ve recently gotten an Instagram, more so I can look at other people’s without being too much of a creep. Read more about that here. Then, I got a twitter account, mostly because I wanted to snag the handle just in case I decided to tweet later on. I don’t use it much, but we’ll see what comes of it in the future.

The only other outlet I’m really curious about is YouTube. I know there are a bunch of great Booktubers that I just haven’t discovered yet. And after reading this blogger’s (Enchanted Readers) list of her favorite Booktubers, I ‘d like to know more. That’s why I’ve come to y’all:

What outlets do you use to get your online bookfix? Do you have people that you’d recommend I look at or follow on Twitter/Insta/YouTube?

Feel free to plug yourself in the comments too!



  1. […] Where do you get your online book fix? […]


  2. Michaela M.

    I mainly use Instagram (aka Bookstagram 😉 ) and YouTube to keep up with all that’s happening in the book community. I also read (and write) book blogs. Some of my favorite bookstagrammers are @sashaalsberg, @benjaminoftomes, @jessethereader, @peruseproject, and @twirlingpages (These are just few of my favorites. I literally follow hundreds of bookstagrammers.) and on YouTube I mainly follow Sasha Alsberg (she has two channels; abookutopia & Sasha Alsberg), Benjaminoftomes, Casey Ann books, jessethereader, Katytastic, and PeruseProject. I hope that helps!


  3. My interactions are usually on Twitter and GoodReads. My Instagram is all over the place. I just followed on Twitter and Instagram, by the way. My handle is GirlySunglasses.


    1. Followed you back! I’m finding that its so hard to have a cohesive bookstagram. Its almost not worth the effort, since I don’t have the time. But GoodReads is turning out to be a great platform for tracking how much I’ve read.


  4. The only bookish youtube channel i follow is Book Riot.
    As someone above said, a lot of the booktube community is about YA, and that’s not my bag, so i don’t bother. I also don’t need more book recommendations–i have far too many to read as it is!

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    1. I was surprised when I first looked at the bookish communities on here– so much of it is YA, which I don’t read unless there’s a movie coming out that is based on the books. I’m still trying to find a good number of adult lit people on all of these platforms. But you’re right… I also don’t need many more recommendations, either.

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  5. I discovered booktube last year and I follow a bunch of people on there. I mostly use it to discover books to read, which, in my experience, is easy because many of the readers I’ve found on there mostly read YA and fantasy novels. However for those more in tune with what you read (I’m going based on your Goodreads and about page), I recommend Brown Girl Reading (she also has a blog on here http://browngirlreading.com), Rincey Reads, WellDoneBooks, WhatKamilReads, Christopher R. Alonso, SCSreads, Jen Campbell, climbthestacks.

    I use Instagram as well, mostly to look at pics of books, and every now and then I’ll remember to tweet (I can’t get the hang of it).


      1. Haha no prob!


    1. I just started looking at some of those recommendations. WellDoneBooks is right on point! Thanks again


      1. Yep, no problem. I love his reviews. They’re so insightful.


  6. I have had the best book recommendations on Instagram. And yes, Youtube too. I love Jen Campbell and Lauren at Reads and daydreams. I dont watch a lot of youtube because of lack of time

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    1. That’s how I feel! I dont know that I’d have the time to keep up with youtubers. But instagram has been great so far! Thanks for the recommendations!

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  7. Maybe you can use Tumblr too. Many people use Tumblr to post things about books, so you can create an account if you want. Anyway, I followed you on twitter and instagram… mine is @ninofray. Xoxo!

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    1. I hadn’t even thought about Tumblr! I used to used tumblr all the time , but then I fell off a bit. I never even looked for a bookish community on there, though. Thanks for the rec, and I’ll be following back!


      1. You’re welcome!


  8. I’m not much help to you, I’m afraid. I rely on book bloggers and Goodreads for my online book fix. And that’s it. The twitter is tempting, but right now I just don’t have the time for anything more. Good question, though! I’ll be watching to see what other people have to say…

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  9. I’m just going to recommend a few things in support of Twitter, if you’re interested?

    I get followers frequently that are authors, and I can’t tell if it’s because of my tweets or my profile information. But it’s a good way to connect with other authors, especially during NaNoWriMo season.

    I also find Twitter helpful if something’s gone wrong. To explain, I waited until 10 PM last night to find out that UPS had scanned my package as “out for delivery” and never put it on the truck. I wasted a day waiting for the package because I don’t have a doorman. If you find customer service hard to get a hold of, totally helpful.

    And in complete contrast, I rarely use YouTube. I’m not sure what I have against it, but I only ever use it for the “how tos” these days.

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    1. I don’t know what I have against YouTube either! But it seems like it could be fun if I found the right people to follow. I have a personal twitter that is amazing for customer service related things. But I really hadn’t thought about using this one to connect with authors and whatnot. How do you connect with them? Is it an active thing, or do they seek you out? Thanks for the tips!


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