I’m sick! *eternal sad face*

Sick in bed
Sitting in bed with my favorite mug and our September book club read “Just Mercy.”

It took me three days to admit it, but I can finally admit that I’m sick. I’ve lost my voice and cough at the most inopportune moments, so I took Friday off work (that’s how you know it was bad). Admittedly, I spent much of the day watching Dawson’s Creek, but nothing helps a sick and rainy day more than good book and luxurious sheets (My favorite one is the blue striped wool blanket that I snagged on clearance from West Elm)

My throat felt like it was on the verge of spontaneous combustion, so I tried this recipe for a Ginger & Turmeric Honey Bomb from Green Kitchen Stories. Its essentially a spiced honey that you can add to your tea.

It took me a while to get it to my own taste– this recipe gives enough for a half cup of the concentrated mixture, which you then dilute a couple spoonfuls of with hot water. Instead of doing it the proper way, I made just enough for 2 cups of tea, which required a bit of recipe manipulation. I modified the amounts of turmeric and ginger to my own taste. Then—wait for it—I added cayenne pepper instead of ground black pepper. I’ve already heard of people adding cayenne to their tea, but had never tried it. I figured there was no time quite like the present. If you’re not into spicy things, you can stick with the black pepper.

Turmeric tea
Don’t mind my juicer in the background. Its so chunky, there’s no where else to put it. The real focal point in the photo is the beautiful mustard color of the tea.

The work was worth it. The flavor took some getting used to, but the cayenne and turmeric opened me right up, and the ginger and honey helped soothe my throat. I’ll definitely be making the 1/2 cup batch when winter gets her– I’ll be needing it.


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