An Ode to Tea

This blog is primarily about reading, but I couldn’t help but include my love for tea as well. Beer and wine are great, but there’s something about tea that makes it undeniably the best beverage out there.

Growing up in a Caribbean household, tea was what I was given to solve every ailment. As a child, ginger tea cured a debilitating cold, and lemon tea soothed every itchy throat.  In my adulthood, green tea became the base for smoothies, and tea bags were applied to my awful under eye bags.

These days, its uncommon that I’ll read a book without a cup of tea. It’s part of my  overall reading experience. A tall glass of iced green tea makes an outdoor reading session on the porch all the more refreshing, and a strong hot black tea at night makes a steamy romance even better.

As this blog progresses, I’ll be pairing certain books with the teas that got me through them. Hopefully, you’re a tea lover as well. If not, I’ll work on changing that soon.



  1. Books and tea, two of my favorite things.
    I grew up in a Caribbean household as well. We believe mint tea cures all. 🙂 It’s my favorite.


    1. Same here! Now I’ve moved over to ginger tea


      1. I’ve discovered Jasmine tea from watching Avatar Airbender and I’m in love with it. Now I have Jasmine in the morning and mint at night, sometimes at noon too.


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